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Thread: [GURPS 4e] Banestorm fantasy game (IC)

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    Cedric’s eyes sparkle.
    “An honest to goodness reader of omens! This is better than I could have hoped for!”

    He turns and calls towards the back of the wagon. His voice is probably louder than necessary for waking up a sleeping person. It is probably louder than necessary for waking many sleeping persons; even if, say, those persons happened to reside several towns away.
    “TRIIIINNNGGG! Wake up! We’re gonna get to have our omens read!”

    Cedric then turns to Gill, face expectant and hopeful. Then, he begins strumming the lute; it looks rather toy-like against his bulky body. Large fingers appear to mangle the strings. The lute bravely shudders and hums. Despite threatening to break under the apparent strain, the lute happily eeks out a short, merry, and surprisingly lovely tune.
    Musical Instrument (Lute) (3d6)[5]
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