in my campaign psions run most astaral travel through the astral caravan power, which is alot more efficient than any other spell (plane shift, astaral projection) and it alows for a lot more people.
Aye, so imagine these guys come roaring in, scattering the players apart. Astral caravanners are now stranded with these bizarre beasts charging at them.

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I phrased that poorly. It just loses some CR. Though, to Gate-ers, that shouldn't matter. They'll be about level 17+
Aye, maybe. But as Pdians are most often found as mates that raises the challenge just a tad, especially as one will most likely fight to the death to protect the other.

Basically how you use these fellows is have them come sprinting up, mouths gaping, and then zip off at the last second. Lunging and then turning away. If the players think they are being attacked they will retaliate, and end up harming or killing a creature that really meant them no harm.