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Thread: [GURPS 4e] Banestorm fantasy game (IC)

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    Cedric climbs into the back of the wagon and begins helping Ementha up.

    "Cedric," hisses Tring between his teeth, "Be Ready!"

    Hearing the urgency in Tring's voice, Cedric quickly puts down his lute, picks up his buckler, and ensures his sword is at the ready; he does not unsheath it at this time. Then peering out of the wagon cover, he observes a man with a staff advancing towards the wagon with apparent purpose. A little surprised, Cedric quickly places himself between the stranger and the wagon, alongside Tring and in front of Gillian.

    Cedric whispers to Tring, "Something tells me that this time the dancing bunnies didn't tell him to meet us here."

    He stands up to his full height, pulls in belly as best he can, and attempts to puff up slightly. He calls out in a neutral but loud voice to the advancing stranger, "Hello there, friend. May we help you with something?"
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