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    Default Re: Perenelle's Pleasantly Playful and Passionately Peculiar Random Banter #133

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra_Ikari View Post
    Hah! Joke's on you! I'm not wearing any! Cobra is a strictly pants man. >.>

    Also, Reccy, when did you get female? O_o *snuggles*

    And be more assertive!
    Last Saturday. * snuggles *

    How? Oh. * gives frying pan to Cobra as a present*

    I'll try, but I wasn't online. . .

    @^: Is that a bad thing? I'm not wearing pants. Only shorts. My pants are in the wash.
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    He takes normality and reason and turns them UP TO 11!
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    Recaiden, stop using your mastery of the English language to confuse the issue.
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