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    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    Yes, yes, we are all quite aware of your backstory and the 1000+ slides detailing exactly how passionately playful you are, sir.

    Now, please just change your shorts already.
    Scientific studies* have shown that the cobra changes his shorts even less than the proverbial leopard.

    @Perenelle: It was a joke see, 'cause you actually titled the thread pleasantly playful and passionately peculiar, and then we switched them round.

    *Said studies may or may not have consisted of me making up facts and yelling "FOR SCIENCE!" at every opportunity.
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    That you exist comforts me when I see such things. Ignorance and ugliness are but a scraping of shadows along the edges of the immortal light of true nerdom.
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    ^_^ :3 <3 You're the bestest.
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    Now that I have caught this glaring incongruity in a comic about time travellers killing flying mutant space dinosaurs with ghosts, my suspension of disbelief has been shattered.