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    Default Re: Shipping VIII: Yes, Eight. No, really. We are THAT insane.

    DirkyDirk: Actually, you'd be surprised, as that hardly ever happens unless I'm at a convention of some kind.
    Like, you know, an anime convention or a Star Wars one.
    Which is only once or twice a year and-
    I guess I'm not helping my case, am I? =P
    Jack: Hells yes.
    Lovin' me some armor and helmets.
    And I got shipped with one of my BFF's twice in the two days I've been gone xD
    Vivivivi- Good first ship. Very cute. As others have sad, a grammatical waste land, but that can always be improved. Good ships, though, take work and you did well.
    Helgraf: My intellect is desperately, passionately, painfully in love with you. Don't leave us again, please.
    Mango: Eeee~
    You're so twisted.
    I love it.

    Also, we're on page 49.
    New title thread suggestions?
    Who wants to post the next thread?
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