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Thread: [GURPS 4e] Banestorm fantasy game (IC)

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    With a brief smile, Cedric says, "Through use of my keen mental powers, I have concluded that you must then be a wizard."

    Cedric looks pensive, and then appears to arrive at a decision.
    "Clearly you are a man of few words. Perhaps a drink will change that. But in the meanwhile, you know our names, but we don't know yours. Perhaps after you properly introduce yourself, you can come to an agreement with Gillian and Tring here to save yourself a bit of time on the wagon. And then maybe later, you can share a drink with us and tell us a little more about your journey and plans."

    Cedric starts to turn to get onto the wagon but catches himself, remembering to await Tring's permission before he lets down his guard and leaves his side.
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