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    Name/Rank: Kensai Shiro (last, first), "The Wind Wolf"
    Classification: Missing-nin, high A-rank
    Birthdate: July 10th
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 185lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Greenish Blue.
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: A
    * Seven Swordsmen

    Appearance: Tall and lean, Shiro wears black baggy pants, a dark grey shirt, and a black flak jacket. His feet are clad in dark grey open-toed shoes. His dark grey belt has several pouches. On his left hip is a small sheath for what appears to be a dagger. It is, in fact, a specially sealed sheath for Kusanagi, Shiro's sword. Shiro wears his hair down to the bottom of his shoulder blades, straight and tied into a simple ponytail. His face is sharp and angled. Shiro's nose, while not overly large, has a severe angle to it. The oddest physical feature he possesses is like his canine teeth; they have been abnormally sharpened, possibly lengthened slightly, giving an otherwise average looking man something of a feral appearance when he smiles. Almost like a wolf about to eat its prey. Despite this, his typical expression is one of utter calm and peace.

    Personality: Shiro, despite his chakra affinity, tends to have a personality like a water brook. He simply calmly moves onward in life, accepting each event as it occurs. That this means he is as calm slicing a helpless man's throat as he is weeding a garden just means others find him unsettling, assuming they aren't, in some capacity, just as ruthless.
    Today, he is the same deadly calm man, though it could be said his patience is tried at times by Hoshiko. But if you suggest it, he'll probably remove your head.
    One quirk is that Shiro is a great believer in loyalty on a personal level. While not a big fan of being unquestioningly loyal to a village, he's more willing to be loyal to specific people. That said, very few people earn this sort of loyalty. If there is anyone besides the Seven Swordsmen who fits the necessary criteria, Shiro isn't speaking.

    Relationship with other Seven:

    Shiro's relationships with the other Swordsmen are best generally expressed in familial terms. Indeed, Shiro thinks of them as his family, moreso than the people he shares blood with. Perhaps because he knows them better, and they all (or almost all) have the bonds forged in battle.

    Mori Ryoma: Something of an uncle. Shiro greatly appreciates all that Ryoma taught him. Whatever differences of opinion they have on particulars of style are basically dismissed by Shiro as unimportant, merely the mark of two unique swordsmen. Whenever Ryoma gives Shiro advice, he always takes a long time to consider it, whatever his final decision regarding it.

    Anahera Hoshiko: Hoshiko is the sister Shiro never really had. However much she may annoy him at times, he still sticks around. Mostly to help protect her from hunter-nin. Any chance to scare off possible suitors (the ones she doesn't inadvertantly scare off herself) is just an added bonus.

    Gakeichigo Momo: In the past, Shiro enjoyed a strong rivalry with Momo. Perhaps not quite as aggressive about it as she would be, but it was definitely there nonetheless. In the present, she's settled more into a role of "little sister", at least in the back of his mind. His behavior around her reflects this, though he does still respect her skills as a warrior.

    Motah Zurbesh: Motah annoys Shiro. Not only does his status as a "latecomer" occasionally grate with Shrio, his attitude is nigh intolerable at times. Shiro consoles himself with his outwardly stoic behavior, which he knows irritates Motah. It's one of his little pleasures.

    Endo Daichi: Daichi's more private nature has led to a more distant relationship between he and Shiro. In essence, they're a bit like distant cousins. There's a general level of respect, but not a great deal of hearty interaction.

    Shiro had the lowest body count of any of the 7 swordsmen when he passed the Bloody Mist exam. It was his sheer and utter calm and disinterest that triggered interest in him. That, and the fact that he killed his opponent with a couple of mere finger flicks, sending out primitive air blades that dissected his opponent's body.Shiro was appreciative of the attention, especially when it landed him a place training to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.
    While his comrades tended towards brute force, even then Shiro's chakra nature and general abilities showed, in that he focused on speed and precision, with only "average" (compared to the other swordsmen) power. When he was gifted with the recently re-discovered Kusanagi sword, his technique began refining further. It didn't take a large amount of time before he earned a place in the Swordsmen.
    A couple of years later, he, along with several of the other Swordsmen, left Kirigakure in a sudden defection. However, while the others left immediately, Shiro stayed behind to see if Hoshiko needed help escaping. Since she hadn't planned a defection, she was taken by surprise when the hunter-nin tried to kill her. Shiro helped her drive them off, and the two of them escaped the village. Ever since, they've been traveling companions, sometimes taking work to help ends meet.

    Notable Jutsu:

    Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind): This jutsu creates a blade of wind. The blade is said to be impossible to block because of its intangible nature. Despite no requirement for a tool inherent in this jutsu, Shiro typically flings this jutsu off of his sword, playing to his muscle memory with his blade. (A-rank, offensive, Short-Mid range)

    Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Sickle Weasel Technique): By freely manipulating the gale brought forth by his sword, the many air currents collide and create vacuums pockets. The person enveloped by this gale is assaulted by countless invisible blades, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet. Shiro has mastered being able to put more power into this jutsu, sometimes increasing the danger to the enemy. (C-rank or higher, offensive, Short-Mid range)

    Kaze no Yari (Spear of Wind): Shiro focuses his chakra along Kusanagi, then pushes it forward along a line. The result is similar to Kaze no Yaiba, but results in a much greater range. As well, despite being sharp along the entire length of the "spear", it typically causes only a small wound.
    It moves fast enough that it passes through an opponent's body near instantly, leaving a small, albeit painful, hole. However, the effective range is much greater than Kaze no Yaiba. (A-rank, offensive, Mid-Long range)

    Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique): Shiro has a contract with weasels, often using them to perform wide area wind jutsu or multi-pronged attacks.

    General Abilities:

    Ninjutsu: Shiro has a decent library of wind jutsu, but beyond those and some very basic jutsu, he knows nothing else. His chakra nature is strong enough to make learning non-wind techniques virtually impossible.

    Genjutsu: Shiro knows how to recognize and dispel all but a few genjutsu, barring a specialist, or someone who pumps a lot of power into the technique. His extreme mental discipline works to his favor in this area, but he possesses little true talent for it.

    Taijutsu/Kenjutsu: Even more than his wind jutsu, Shiro is extraordinarily skilled at Kenjutsu. His blade means that his style is focused on speed and precision, rather than the brute force approach his fellow Swordsmen typically use. Often, Shiro will use his greater reach to disarm an enemy (if they have any weapons to speak of), then move the sword in with a flick of the wrist and end the enemy's life.

    Chakra Control: Shiro has the chakra storage levels of a high-level jounin. His control can make it seem like he has more; Shiro's control is likely equalled or surpassed by a small number of ninja anywhere. He is able to portion out exactly the right amount of chakra for any technique. If he puts more chakra into a technique, it's to increase the power of that technique.

    Special Abilities:

    Shiro's sword is Kusanagi, the Grass-Cutting Sword. At a glance, it resembles a jian, having a long, straight, two-edged blade. However, instead of a one-handed blade around 3 feet long, this sword is clearly a two handed weapon. With a 1'9" long handle and a 5' blade, it is an unusual weapon for an unusual warrior. It has a very faint bluish-white tint to the steel, signifying the chakra affinity of the blade itself. The handle is black-stained wood wrapped in dark grey leather. The guard is a small, simple oval shape.

    Between the unique alloy used in its construction, and a large number of tiny seals engraved all over the sword (also at construction), it is capable of easily channeling chakra. As well, the seals and alloys mean this sword is extraordinarily sharp and hard. This allows the user to further enhance the already sharp nature of the blade. The blade itself seems to only properly channel either raw chakra or wind-aligned chakra. Others seem to sputter out with no affect if the user were to try channeling them into the sword.
    Shiro typically charges it with a bit of chakra at the beginning of a fight, the seals in the blade helping contain the energy so that he doesn't even have to concentrate, or constantly channel chakra into it. He can then concentrate on either performing futher jutsu, or simply fighting with the blade.

    The other unique property of the blade is connected to the sheath. When placed in the sheath and a small amount of chakra is channeled, Kusanagi and sheath shrink to the size of a tanto. When drawn, it will not resume its natural size until the special seal is deactivated through a similar application of power. The sheath can be brought to the full size of the blade for long-term storage as well.

    Fūinjutsu: Partly due to studying Kusanagi and its sheath thoroughly, and partly through his own interest, Shiro has some moderate level of skill in the sealing arts. Mostly he uses it to store supplies and such, letting him get by with stuffing some scrolls into his belt pouches and call it "packing".

    Kuchiyose no Jutsu Contract: Kensai Shiro possesses a contract with the weasels. Their affinity for wind, and greater reliance on speed and precision over brute force, made the choice fairly natural. Shiro is capable of summoning a few of the mid-power weasels, but has not yet reached his full potential with this contract, as indicated by the fact that he has never successfully summoned Itachi, the Weasel Boss. Typically, Shiro will summon these creatures to serve as boosts to his large area wind jutsu, as well as occasionally being a straight force multiplier in a fight.

    Fuuton: Ha Wo Kaze ni Nabikase (Wind Release: Leaf on the Wind): Shiro summons up a powerful wind current, localized to around his body. Then, thanks to his wind-aligned nature, Shiro is able to actually take to a primitive form of flight. Due to the fact that he has to direct the wind and himself, his maneuverability is only adequate, so he often goes slower than his maximum speed. As well, the technique is draining, even with his incredible precision and control. From essentiall "full" on chakra, he has perhaps 30 minutes of flight. In combat, it is often cut down to, perhaps, 5 minutes. Often, he'll activate the jutsu for just a few seconds, making it more of a "jump" than a true flight.
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