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Oh. Just thought of something. Having cure minor wounds as an ability at will might offset the balance a little. Sure, in combat it's nearly useless, but outside of getting attacked constantly, there's hardly a solution. The same problem happens with at-will 1st level spells, but perhaps even more, with magic missile and such spells...maybe you should restrict the spells allowed.
I'm not too worried about magic missile, but cure minor wounds could get troublesome. That said, it's not going to be there unless the DM puts it there. I'll write a warning, rather than a restriction.

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Large size is very powerful: many would consider an LA+0 race with penalties, and no benefits other than large size, broken.
There are some other minor balance issues, but other than that it looks okay.
The cherrypicking of stats could allow for some very potent builds- still, if everyone's doing the generic race, I think it's okay.
Large size increases your reach, grapple modifier, and damage, but decreases your attack and AC, and increases your space. How powerful it is is hard to really pin down, based upon how much you value each of those things. I wouldn't want to prevent anyone from playing a Large race ever, though. It really only gets silly once you add in enlarge person and family, which wouldn't work on any current races. I'll add in a warning about that too.

I'd be interested in seeing some of the cherrypicking you would do, to find flaws with the system. One that I'm aware of is Large + Powerful Build. Any others?