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    Illiiya Jaelrae

    The slender elven woman had spent most of the trip in huddled silence, speaking to no one. She handled the cold well enough for someone of her delicate frame, but even still... she was shivering.

    Around her the air hung heavy, and she shivered, though not from the cold. The creature's braying cry set the spark in the nervous anticipation she had gnawing at her for the last half hour. She shrieked as the beast burst from the woods, and huddled down lower in the corner of the wagon.

    Illiiya isn't fierce. She's going to recoil in fear and hold action. If one of the beasts draws near the wagon, she'll lash out at it with her magic in a panic, but otherwise, she's very, very nervous about calling to the winds.

    Should one get close enough to attack her or Ithelus, she'll use magic dart on it.

    Casting roll: (1d10)[8], [roll]1d10[/roll]
    Damage: (if it works) (1d10+3)[4]

    If she has time to channel, she will, but I'm guessing since she's holding action and doing something reflexive, that she can't. So... fingers crossed!

    Edit: Crap! Typo! I can't fix that roll now. Should I roll in a new post or just use the 8?
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