Seth Adelbert

Seth sighs and shakes his head. "I suppose it would've been too much to ask for a quiet trip" He then spurs on his horse with a hoarse cry and charges the leader, lance held forth eagerly


Seth surveys the available targets, and charges with his lance at the leader (if still up, otherwise the guy next to him)

Melee Attack: WS 35 (1d100)[15] (I don't know the effect of Specialist Weapon Group, and the online doc is loading too slowly at the moment; will edit with that info if it loads in the foreseeable future)

In case of damage: (1d10+3)[12] (and again, I don't know demilance bonus damage, or if there's some sort of extra bonus for charge, anything. From this point onward, I will *leave* the document pre-loaded on my desktop so this doesn't happen again )