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    The bellow of the caravan’s blackpowder weapons filled the air: Lothar’s musket-ball chewed a spray of sawdust out of the tree-trunk to the left of his target, while the deafening blast of Raffy’s blunderbuss enveloped his own in a cloud of flying shrapnel. Blood running from a dozen cuts across its filthy hide, the mutant staggered back in a cloud of gunsmoke, shaking its head to clear the ringing in its ears.

    Taking advantage of the smoke, Raffy stood and swung himself into the back of the cart, trying to buy time to reload – the beast’s head snapped round at the movement, its bloodied snout twisting into a snarl as it hefted its rusted axe. With a roar, it sprung forwards, Hans standing up in the driver’s seat with a dagger trembling in his hand – the beastman’s leap was ill-judged, however, its balance still thrown by the blunderbuss’ blast. Horned head and bestial jaws smacked into the rim of the driver’s seat, and the beastman fell back into the mud of the road with a pained yelp.

    On the other side of the road, Seth was less lucky – the mail-armoured leader ploughed into him, the jagged edge of its two-handed axe gouging into the metal of the squire’s shield. The white-furred monstrosity brayed in pain as the human’s spear stabbed back in reply, piercing the chain links of its mail shirt – from the front, the second of its followers cannoned into Adelbert’s horse, a dull machete carving into the animal’s forequarters and making the creature rear and whinny in panic.

    Behind the two horned monsters, the little one scurried back along the road, keeping clear of the horse’s flailing hooves – more clearly visible now, it resembled a gamey human child, its skin covered with a thin layer of sharp, bristly fur. Little nubbins of horn pushed up from beneath the skin of its forehead, framing bloodshot eyes and needle teeth – catching sight of movement from the back of the wagon, it looked up at Ithelus, grinning and gripping its spear as it sensed prey that might be too weak to fight...
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