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I can't recommend a book, because the one I read it from was about 100 years old from my university's library, but I did find a site that has the text if you care to peruse it.
This site has a million medieval studies resources: step into Old English, then the Old English Poetry, Alphabetical Index, and finally Genesis A, B (it's just plain text without commentary or glossary though). It looks like there's some interesting articles in the Old English section too.
*happy grin*
I'd marry you if I could.
So many old texts . . . in so many languages. So pretty.
*trails off in a dream*

Mmmm, Old French; Old Norse, Judith, Magic and Alchemy, LATIN! So little time; whose bright idea was it to make a twenty-four hour day anyway?
Really, what's wrong with with a twenty-eight hour day?
It'd give meus more time to do the things we love.
Like distort the fabric of space-time even further to let us read more. And create terror.

Honestly Little Sister, getting your pick up time wrong so I had to waste two and a half hours. And I was bookless.
And it was cold and wet. No shelter either. D'you have any idea how hard it is to efficiently daydream when you keep getting distracted by every which way by the wind and rain. Also annoying brats who weren't related to me and cars.