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    Illiiya Jaelrae

    No! No! Go away! Illiiya yelled at the creature, scurrying to the other side of the wagon. Don't make me do it! It will find me! I don't want it to find me!

    Illiiya will move to whichever side of the wagon the critter isn't on... and ready an action to blast it if it gets up here and attacks her or Ith. Again, with magic dart. (Hopefully, I'll get the rolls right this time)

    Casting roll! (1d10)[5] and (1d10)[2]
    Damage: (1d10+3)[9]

    Can spells Ulric's Fury? I can't recall. I doubt I'll roll a 10, but I'd like to know and how it works if they do. A Willpower roll? A second casting roll?[/roll]
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