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Koorli, have you ever heard of The Heliand? I read it (in its modern English translation) for my history of premodern europe class this year. Written around 800 by either a Carolingian who had spent a great deal of time among the Saxons (German Saxons) or a Saxon who had spent a great deal of time among the Christians (in either case, probably a monk). Basically it's a translation of the story of the Gospels into Saxon -

Except instead of just translating language, the author translated culture. Jerusalem become a hill-fort, the Last Supper takes place in a mead hall, and Jesus' disciples are his warrior cohort.

It's awesome. :smallbigrin:
Polygamy's fine . . .
DeeRee ma -
Oh right, almost-triplet.
DeeRee, you'll have a very fantastic present for Christmas. I promise.
Curse the Atlantic Ocean! Otherwise I'd try to actually send one through the post. I've already got my eye on a pressie for a certain piece of ablutionary furniture with a very impressive degree - probably in Physics.

A quick internet search has given me some lovely online sites with English or OE translations. Or both. Happy is Koorilithulu.