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    The beastman swung round, opening its fanged maw wide and roaring in Lothar’s face. The soldier grimaced at the spray of spittle and halitosis coming over the creature’s yellowed fangs – his moment of revulsion cost him dear, as the mutant’s cleaver-like blade came slicing in over the top of his raised shield, carving a bloody gash into his scalp and throwing him back against the cart. Head swimming, Lothar blinked furiously, trying to clear his eyes of the hot, stinging blood that was dribbling over his forehead – sensing victory, the monster brayed again, advancing on its prey. To his right, Seth stabbed viciously at the mail-armoured leader, but to no avail – the hulking beastman stepped back out of the path of the spear, readying its axe for another blow.

    Tensing its hairy legs, the Ungor scuttled towards Ithelus, swarming spider-like over the cartwheel to pull itself up over the wagon’s side – its toothily grinning face rose above the planking like some nightmarish jack-in the box, lifting its spear in its free hand to pin the elf to the cart’s floor. With a yell, Illiiya stretched out her hand, words she barely understood forcing their way free of her throat – there was a flash, a stink of burning hair, and the wiry monster toppled backward, landing with a distinct thud in the mud below. It was still alive, rolling back and forth with shrill screams as it clutched at the blistering skin of its face...
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