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Polygamy's fine . . .
DeeRee ma -
Oh right, almost-triplet.
DeeRee, you'll have a very fantastic present for Christmas. I promise.
Curse the Atlantic Ocean! Otherwise I'd try to actually send one through the post. I've already got my eye on a pressie for a certain piece of ablutionary furniture with a very impressive degree - probably in Physics.

A quick internet search has given me some lovely online sites with English or OE translations. Or both. Happy is Koorilithulu.
Heh. Aren't those oceans pesky things?

I only have a week till classes are done. Well, eight days. A week from today I have an oral final during which I will talk about (I just decided about half an hour ago) the role the lower class played in the worldviews of Machiavelli's The Prince, Marx's writings, Gandhi's philosophy, and Cicero's "On Duties" (all texts we read for the class). Ways they were considered to have power, etc. I only have to talk for eight minutes but it's still stressful . . . .

I also have a 5-8 page paper on how pre-modern Europe was defined by its encounters with other peoples. Not that long, but headachy.

And a big final on the Ancient Near East - New Kingdom Egypt, early Israel, the Hittites and Mittani, Assyria . . . .

Plus a Spanish final the idea of which I hate because I know how hard the teacher (she's not a *professor* - no PhD) grades.

Stressstressstress till this all is over! Then I get to go home (on December 17th) and stay there till 17 January, when school resumes. A beautiful month with no work.