Illiiya Jaelrae

Leave him alone! The elven woman will yell ina panic, the air around her suddenly growing cold. Shay'taan toren i' veshk!

The winds swirled around her, literally... as the screeching of things unseen could be faintly heard behind the swirl and lash of the frigid air. Her eyes unfocused, as the words seemed to pour from her entirely on their own, and with one outstretched hand, they were loosed. The wind rushed across the wagon in a cacophony of faint, inhuman shrieks. It surged across the ungor, whipping around the creature even as it threw the beast from the wagon. For several agonizing seconds, the frigid winds whipped around it as it lay on the ground, the shrieking building to a maddened crescendo and bloody cuts and tears bursting open across the creature's body. It was as if a dozen tiny claws or tore at the beast, ripping it's flesh open in a score of shallow wounds.

Illiiya stood in the wagon, watching the ungor's panicked attempt to fight back against whatever was hurting it to no avail. It could not even see the cause of the wounds... but it felt them. Hidden from him just beyond sight amidst the freezing winds.

Run! Run away! Illiiya said to the beast, a bizarre mixture of pleading and demanding, Make me do this no more! Please...

That was the recap of Illiiya's magic dart. Cool stuff eh? For the rest of the game, it shall act like shrieking razor wind, hurting people by the combined damage of dozens and dozens of small cuts torn in them. That's about as badass and creepy as I can make a power that ultimately boils down to "id10+3" damage. Let me know if it's a bit too much.

Also when her turn comes up THIS round.... she's standing up so she can see the ungor better... and readying an action to hurt it again if it doesn't abandon it's attack on the wagon. If it tries to get back up here, she'll reluctantly "dart" it again.

If it comes up. Casting roll! [roll0] and [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

I understand that Illiiya doesn't HAVE to use dark magic, but considering where she learned how to cast in the first place, I'd say it's more instinctive to her than not. It will probably take a lot of effort for her to learn to cast WITHOUT drawing on the Dhar. Plus, it makes her magic wildly powerful and very, very dangerous to use, which is pretty much appropriate for her. She's kinda terrified of her own magic... thinking that using it lets the "things" that haunt her in the dark see her.