Raffy the Sparrowhawk

Raffy's pouch of shot is closed once again. With a simple blunted stick he rams the shot down the barrel, tamping it tight against the charge and makes sure he sees a puff of black powder spray out of the breech. He crams his match into the flint and ***** the hammer.

Hearing Hans' scream from the front, Raffy curses to himself. Why didn't he run? Goddamn brave peasants. It doesn't occur to him that he is technically a peasant - brave or not - as well. He thinks of himself as a burger and that's that.

"Run for it, Hans!" he bellows, and leaps up onto the front wall of the wagon.


Finished reloading - 3/3

I presume I can't shoot this round? Even if not, may I leap up onto the wall of the wagon so I am looking down at the beast? I'm hoping to at least draw its attack away from Hans, even if I myself cannot attack till next round.

agility 34: (1d100)[99]