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    Illiiya Jaelrae

    I'm not certain if Illiiya's up yet, but I'm going to post her eventual action before I go to sleep. If it's Illiiya's turn, she will do this immediately!

    Illiiya looked about the scene, oddly less phased by the blood and carnage than one might expect. Her own spells scared her more. The beast things would kill her... but the dark "things" that she could feel watching her made her shudder. Even now she could feel as if something lurked behind her... though she hadn't the will to turn and face it. Her allies fought desperately, and she feared that without her interference, one of them may soon die. Nervously, she choked down her terror, and began to speak.

    All in my head. All in my head. All in my head. All in my head. All in my head. All in my head. She muttered to herself, desperately trying to convince herself of it... as if speaking the mantra enough would make it truth.

    With shaking hands, she reached to the sky... calling out to the winds again as she prayed to any god that would hear her that things that flitted at the corners of her vision took no notice of her.

    Moving in the wagon to where she can see the Gor trying to kill Lothar if she has to.
    If she can see him from here, Channelling instead! (1d100)[91] (51) Casting Roll! (1d10)[4] or (1d10)[2] (+1 if I can channel and I succeed at it)

    Magic "dart" damage: (1d10+3)[6]

    Edit: Nope. Spell fail either way. More fluff!

    She chanted her spell, feeling the winds swirl and gather. Try though she might to focus, she could feel them there. They were watching her... eager... waiting for her to falter. For a moment she felt the kiss of fire across her skin, and heard the shrieking of untold horrors around her as she sky began to fade to red as blood. In a panic, she froze... halting her spell midway through and faltering in her incantation to crouch in the wagon with her arms curled over her head, recoiling from the horrible things waiting for her.

    No! No more! Please! Make it stop! She muttered, her voice shaky and strained, It hurts... It hurts...
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