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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male...?
    Age: Several Thousand Years or So.
    Alignment: True Neutral?
    Power Level: Scaleable, A
    Class: Archangel
    Race: Archangel
    Appearance: He's tall, good looking, if slightly feminine, has silver eyes and strawberry blond hair, with generally Caucasian features, though he could pass off as being a local in quite a few other places as well. He also has a distinct ageless quality to him, and if someone were to try to guess his age, they would probably say 'young...ish', and leave it at that. He's impeccably dressed in white and red, including a white greatcoat, done up, white pants, white boots and white gloves. Has two bloody great wings that are like, coming out of his back. Mostly white, though stained with a bloody red at the ends of the feathers.
    Equipment and abilities: A simple collapsible quarterstaff. Also skilled with magic. For some reason, is immune to divine influence. This includes most divine magic.
    Backstory: Used to be in good standing with Anterion, but for some reason, is now kicking about in the mortal world. Huh.
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