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I'd say they would be edible by humans... but so are every other race, so really that'd be getting silly.

In the campaign I made them from though, they come from a place where almost all plants have limited mobility of a sort, if only twitching twigs, as well as eyes or other visual organs.
The question wasn't if they are edible, but if they taste like truffles. Truffles are extremely rare and valuable, sometimes fetching over $1,000 per pound. A human-sized truffle (trufflefolk) could be worth over a 100 grand (assuming they weigh roughly the same amount as humans)! I could certainly imagine unscrupulous hunters poaching trufflefolk to sell to cooks.

Yes, I think about food way too much.

Twitching plants with eyes!? What kind of campaign is this, and where did you get the idea for it?