Here's a question:

Trufflefolk are humanoids mainly to fit in with other races, and because a bipedal two handed shape is pretty utilitarian. But, theoretically, could they take other forms?

This wouldn't be an instant shapeshifting ability, more of a long term self-alteration that takes weeks. But it would a neat detail if there were some trufflefolk that took on other forms to better serve their species. For example, trufflefolk that took wolf-like forms to serve as guard dogs. Or trufflefolk that took on horse form to serve as mounts for other trufflefolk. Perhaps animal-shaped trufflefolk could be the lower class, focusing on physical traits to the detriment of mental abilities and fine control.

Or, even if Trufflefolk can only take humanoid form there could be related less-intelligent truffle species they've bred as domesticated animals. Then you could have truffle dogs, truffle horses, truffle hawks, etc.