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    Future Character:

    Name: Gamataki Akira, the Bagoujo (last name, first name, title) (Bright Toad Waterfall, The Toad-Awakened to Purity)
    Classification: Non-village Ninja, high B-Class
    Birthdate: April 5th
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 175 lb.
    Gender: Male
    Bloodtype: B
    Speech Color: Olive
    • Bikou Yuu

    The word that comes to mind with Akira is "casual". His dark blue hair is worn in a loose, spiky mess. His pants are loose-fitting (and dark blue), and his long-sleeved shirt (white) hangs loosely on his wiry frame. Simple leather boots (black) cover his feet, and leather gloves that reach his forearm (black) are overlaid with stiff leather bracers (dark blue). A belt (black) with a large multitude of pockets loops around his waist, with a second belt (also black) settled slightly lower. This second belt has a multitude of specially shaped pouches meant for sealing scrolls. Rounding out his outfit is a brighter blue vest (about waist length) and a pair of goggles on his head (two round yellow lenses set in dark blue leather).

    Attached to both of his belts on his left side is a large sheathe/holster. This holds his three-section staff most often, stored in its more flexible form.

    Those with observational skills will not that Akira's clothing, including his vest and goggles, are littered with minute seals. His purposes for these are varied...

    In many ways, Akira is something of an opposite of his teacher. Polite where Yuu is rude. Calm where he is energetic. Seeking to get along peacefully where Yuu starts fights. And optimistic where Yuu is fatalistic. On the flip side, he's also shyer at times than his teacher. As well, while he believes that those with determination can achieve anything ultimately, he can at times underestimate himself.

    If he's not directly training, or helping his sensei out of trouble, Akira often tries to delve into research on seals, ninjutsu, and the ninja world. Consequently, not only is he a great seal-user, he possesses a wide range of knowledge about the ninja world in general, and the development of various
    ninja techniques in the past in particular.

    Bloodline: None.

    Notable Jutsu:

    • Doton: Doryūdan (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet): Akira creates a dragon of mud or rock (depending on the terrain), which proceeds to spit out compressed earth projectiles. (Long Range)
    • Doton: Doryūheki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall): Akira creates a wall of mud or rock (as appropriate to environment) capable of blocking most lower level attacks that don't focus on piercing or very focused slashes.
    • Doton: Doryūsō (Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears): Akira slams his hands to the ground, causing spears of rock to shoot up underneath an opponent. (Short to Mid Range)
    • Eien Sachou (Eternally Long Chain): By channeling chakra through special seals on his staff, Akira can cause it to notably lengthen, reaching up to 10 feet away. As part of this jutsu, Akira has a moderate amount of control over the direction of the lengthened sections, though it's not to the same degree of his teacher's control of his own weapon.
    • Joushougeki (Staff Impact): Channeling chakra through special seals on the ends of the staff, Akira concentrates chakra to be released upon hitting an opponent. The chakra concentrates to the point of delivering the force of a punch 3 times Akira's size (a nice haymaker, not a jab). This force is released on any contact, so that even a light brush feels like a strong punch.
    • Tengen Toppasui (Heaven Piercing Drill): Akira concentrates and rotates chakra around one end of his staff. This action naturally forms a spinning point on the end of his staff, turning it into a drill-spear. He can only maintain one such point, and no other "staff jutsu" can be active while the Drill is active. This jutsu is very powerful, but also a very narrow area of influence. A direct hit will pierce many substances and armors, shredding flesh if it gets the chance.
      A graze will cause sever lacerations, but only to relatively unarmored flesh. If Akira drops his staff, this jutsu immediately dissipates. He can, however, still use the strengthening seals, and often must so that his staff does not break after drilling a target.
      As well, after going through a couple of feet of material (especially stone), this jutsu will quickly fade. While he can quickly activate it again (as it requires only concentration and some chakra), he often tries to shunshin to the other side of a barrier and then strike. Failing that, he will use an earth jutsu to try to break any barrier present.
    • Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Summoning): Akira has a newly created contract with the toads. In battle, he is capable of summoning toads up to twice the size of a human being. These toads can serve a variety of purposes, from simple animals in a fight, to armed warriors, to additional jutsu. It is said that Akira trekked to the faraway Myōbokuzan area to entreat the toads for the creation of this contract. It is not known what agreement was reached, only that some sort was reached.

    Ninjutsu: Akira has good ninjutsu overall, but it's very limited in scope. Beyond knowing the "basic ninjutsu" (body flicker, transform, replacement, clone), his library doesn't break 10 jutsu. Half of them require his staff to be used.

    Genjutsu: Akira has the clone and transformation techniques. He has enough control to break at least moderately powerful genjutsu on himself. Beyond that, he has no skill here.

    Taijutsu: Here, Akira excels. He utilizes a three-section staff, using a hybrid form that combines what his teacher uses, and useful bits from various places. He fluidly switches between using his weapon as a solid staff and as a three section staff. His unarmed skill lags behind his skill with a staff, but he's definitely not a slouch. Unarmed,he favors a style that utilizes redirections, joint locks, and throws, preferring to reserve harder strikes for his staff.
    Curiously, he has not undertaken any measures to push his physical abilities outside the high end of "normal human"; he is very fit, but cannot lift absurd amounts of weight or run blindingly fast.

    Special Abilities:

    Three Section Staff:
    Unnamed, this staff is nonetheless rather unique. Akira started with a well crafted metal staff. He managed to get it modified physically so that he can lock it in the form of a simple staff, or quickly release the ends to form a more fluid weapon.

    The strength and durability of the staff and its chains have been vastly increased by several minute seals inscribed on its body. Other seals allow Akira to essentially make the staff "invulnerable" to things like chakra blades and such, by coating it in a thin layer of chakra itself. This does not increase the striking power of the staff any; Staff Impact is required for that. Finally, still more seals allow for easier execution of his staff jutsu.

    Toad Contract: Akira is the first human to sign and develop a contract with the toads. He has not spoken of the several months he spent in the Toad Mountains, not even to his beloved sensei.

    Akira has shown an intuitive grasp of sealing, as much or more than he has his taijutsu or chakra control. Currently, he primarily uses it for storage, and to increase the utility of his various items. Beyond his staff, his clothing has a multitude of seals on them. His shirt, pants, and vest all have seals to repair minor cuts, making the threads mend themselves. Major damage requires additional material be supplied, but it's almost like a "healing factor". What chakra is needed is either stored in an array of tiny seals, or leeched off of Akira in unnoticeable amounts. They also lessen (but don't remove) the need for cleaning; perfect for a ninja on the go. His goggles have basic strengthening seals, which make them true protection for his eyes, even on the battlefield of ninja.

    Further, Akira tends to keep a large amount of supplies in his scrolls; enough for weeks of camping at a time, as well as enough to create a couple of spare staves, several outfits, and a scattering of other useful supplies. Rope and so forth.
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