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Thread: Varient Healing Domain (3.5, PEACH)

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    Default Varient Healing Domain (3.5, PEACH)

    As it stands, I don't like the healing domain. I think giving clerics access to cure spells through a domain is much like opening bill gates a bank account and putting a fiver in there once in a while. More cash is always a bit nice, but when you have more money than you need, that little bit extra isn't going to make much difference.

    So here's my proposal. The healing domain should be more about being a first aid kit, rather than a box of plasters (band-aids, whatever your regional parlance is).

    Healing Domain
    Granted power: Clerics roll d10s instead of d8s when casting cure spells

    1- Gentle Repose
    2- Remove Blindness/ Deafness
    3- Remove Disease
    4- Neutralise Poison
    5- Revivify (Spell Compendium)
    6- Heal
    7- Regenerate
    8- Heal (Mass)
    9- True Resurrection

    The granted power averages out to about the same, however it doesn't cap its usefulness at level 5 when cure light wounds puts an arbitrary caster level cap on its bonus. Couple of spells granted a little earlier, but then other domains do much the same thing.
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