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    Update 25

    Massive year end update of all Happy characters!!!!

    ***Currently Active***


    Went to Felina, where he did almost nothing useful. Befriended Johan the Nazi in the manly 'we don't actually know anything about each other' kind of way. Made him an amulet that lets him communicate. Is kind of in limbo waiting for his player to give him some kind of motivation.

    Hannah Snow

    Is in Knaves castle, very loyal to Professor Affidavit, but for some reason tried to help Magtok escape. Even though she was the one who kidnapped him. She's very confused about that.


    While trapped in the beseiged city of Inside, she discovered that the werewolf who raised her after she was orphaned has fallen in love with her. Relationship is somewhat complicated by Wolfbane being two men in the same body, both the wolf and the man. She loves both of them, but is still a very innocent 19 year old and a little frightened about taking the next step.

    After this revelation, the catarmy died. Horrified by the carnage, she and Wolfbane were fleeing the city when they ran into Eileen, who teleported them to the Clearing in the Woods. After a few days together, she left the pair/trio alone and said they could stay as long as they liked.

    Soon after, Cierra arrived looking for BR and Marle. Wolfbane was away, but Cierra and Acacia spent the day together engaging in girl talk and confiding in one another.

    Meanwhile, Dipsnig is spying on the pair.

    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry and Molly

    Fitzhenry still believes himself to be on Mars. While in the city on Christmas Eve, he ran into an injured and disoriented Marle, who had a broken manacle on one wrist. Ever the gentleman, he took her to Trog's to get her food and shelter, and to try and get her wounds cared for.

    Molly got a new dress from Metta Claus.

    Charity Evans

    Is back at GLoG working on the cleanup and refurbishment and occasionally getting trashed at the Taverna or Trog's.


    Has overcome her agoraphobia enough to visit GLoG a bit to help out, but not enough to stay the night there. Lives at the AuxMagCave with IZK-alpha tending to the robots.

    / The Crone / Lady Death

    After seeing the destruction wrought by Cal and Butler, decided that all undead should be eliminated and gave her servant Michalson powers to help him in the quest.

    Deryni Ironwood

    Joined Michalson's quest.

    Happyturtle Amakirr

    Decided to confront Reinholdt directly, betting her life that he wouldn't really kill her if he was given the stark choice in cold blood. Her bluff worked too well, as Reinholdt decided she was abandoning Melody and beat the hell out of the crippled woman. Later she went to see Melody and make sure she was safe, then returned to work on the rebuilding of GLoG.

    Turtle Bright Ember

    Went to the Knaves castle at Magtok's request to rescue Elly.


    The portable version of Mainframe went with Magtok to Cal's world. The full version is still living in the MagPuters, with only a few drones to use to interact with the world.


    Making plans to join Butler in the afterlife, after his Thanksmasnewyearskwanzaakah reprieve is up.


    ***Inactive but could return***

    Vasilisa / The Mother

    Back in her home village with her baby.


    Living in Hell with the rest of Decker's devil friends.


    Deadtimed with MoveMent.

    Coralie / The Maiden

    Living in the slums of Inside with her parents.


    Looked at Mennifellow's fate threads and got mind-fragged. Melody was able to heal her by blocking her view of the weave, leaving her without her power. She is now living in one of the fishing villages with her lover.


    Deadtimed with Saurous.


    ***Perma-deadtime / Failed Concept / Dead***

    Peter Raven

    Got himself killed after figuring out that he wasn't the same person who was left in his grave.

    Tessa Camlar

    May make one more brief appearance in Acro but is otherwise perma-deadtimed.

    Susan Elliot


    Ian Summers


    Briony Davena

    Failed character concept. Perma-deadtime.

    The Grandmother

    Died of old age. Her role passed on to Jedwiga.

    George Shackleton

    Still dead.


    ((If I've missed any, let me know in the Acro ooc thread. I went by my posts in the character directly, but not all my characters ever made it there.))
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