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Thread: The 3.5/Pathfinder Handbook

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    Default Intros and Outros

    2. Intro

    Pathfinder threads have been cropping up on this forum at the rate of several a week ever since Paizo announced the system. Most come down to the same two questions:

    1. Whatís changed?
    2. Is it any good?

    This handbook is designed to answer these two questions, and provide a handy link to point people towards when they come and ask them.

    Chapters 3-7 in this handbook cover the differences between 3.5 and final-version Pathfinder. Theyíre derived from info off the Pathfinder SRD, and also from personal experience of the Pathfinder campaign one of my groups has been playing since mid-2008. We started with the beta, and switched over to the book version once it was released. Chapters 8-9 give a conclusion and answer some common questions.

    Since most of this handbook covers the changes between the two systems, it helps if you have at least a passing knowledge of 3.5, but itís not essential.

    Useful links if you want to check information for yourself:

    D&D 3.5 SRD
    Pathfinder SRD

    So without further ado, letís get started on the changes.
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