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You say that Druid got significantly nerfed, but is it now equal to all the other classes, and same for the paladin getting stronger?
Wildshape got nerfed pretty hard; the spellcasting is still there in all its glory and the animal companion is more or less intact. You can still be a spellcasting tiger charging into combat alongside your pet tiger. You just need decent base physical stats to pull it off now.. but if you decide to do it, you can still regularly be larger and use monster special attacks (pounce, grab, bonus trip attacks, poisons, rake, rend..) that no other martial class can easily access.

The paladin did get a lot of nice stuff, but none of it really changed his basic problems (IMO). He's better at what he does, but what he does is still not a very powerful role, and he's still stuck with MAD and is pretty weak when he can't Smite something.

So.. essentially the huge whacking gulf between casters and everybody else is still there. The differences just aren't quite as extreme in the ranks of everybody else.