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Nice work.

Question: Do the new Class Skills rules ever lead to skillmonkey characters dipping levels in other classes just so they can pick up more skills as class skills? Would a Rogue ever dip one level in Ranger just so he can put 1 skill rank in all of the nature-y skills and get a +4 bonus on each of them?
From what I've seen the incentive to branch out into other classes for skllmonkeying is less. their are no cross class skills and the max ranks is your level, so basically the only bonus a class skill grants is +3. A lot of skills are together so your skills points go a long way, and because of that their are a lot more skills that have become class skills for each class. This really helps when you want to create city guards. Even though a fighter does not get perception as a class skill, they can still have one rank per level in it, makeing it a little bit harder for players to sneak past. I've converted some of my characters from 3.5 to pathfinder and they almost always come out ahead in total skills with the pathfinder rules, even though they have a lower number of skill points.