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I did notice you disliked most of the wizard changes, finding them too weak. Is it weak compared to what others classes get? Because it's still more than 3.5. Actually, it feels like they got the core wizard and added the ACFs from UA, something I was thinking about doing too.
Oh, I don't really think they're too weak. Wizards didn't get all that much, but then they didn't really need all that much, and the buffs they did get help them out in the early game, when they need it most. Wizards are still a very good class - I'm playing one now, in fact. And the school powers are a fun way to set the school specialisations apart a bit.

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You say that Druid got significantly nerfed, but is it now equal to all the other classes, and same for the paladin getting stronger?
The Druid player in our campaign's only just joined, so I haven't had a good chance to look at it, but my suspicion would be that Druid is still a top-tier class. 3.5 Druids are so ridiculously strong that they can afford to have one of their primary class features nerfed and still be very powerful.

Paladins are probably the strongest martial class now - I'd rank them above Fighters and Barbs.

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The paladin did get a lot of nice stuff, but none of it really changed his basic problems (IMO). He's better at what he does, but what he does is still not a very powerful role, and he's still stuck with MAD and is pretty weak when he can't Smite something.
Actually, Paladin MAD has been reduced by their good Will save and basing their spellcasting off Cha. This means they can now afford to dump Wisdom. So a Pathfinder pally only needs high Cha, high Str, decent Con.

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I'll point out that I DM a Pathfinder group, and the bard's opening move of a swift action spell (like Inspirational Boost if you allow the SpC), a move action bardic music (Inspire Courage), and a standard action spell (Haste or Good Hope, both are solid options) is pretty solid. Good Hope stacking with Inspire courage is a nice extra +2/+2 for the attackers. Obviously, if you are jacking your IC through the roof with items/feats from diverse sourcebooks it's less of a deal, but it's a nice boost to the vanilla bard.
Hmm, could be. Bards are the only class I haven't seen, which makes it hard to judge. Do you think they're actually better than their 3.5 equivalents, though?

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Also, why Comic Sans? Get rid of that.
I would have picked Chancery, but the forum doesn't have it.