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    Update 26

    [Happy Amakirr]

    Is living at GLoG now, overseeing the rebuilding, and blissfully unaware that someone has taken a hit out on her.

    [Charity Evans]

    In an effort to erase the images of the corpse fields from her mind, has been binge drinking. There's no alcoholism, as she often goes days between binges with no withdrawal effects, but it definitely qualifies as alcohol abuse. She's continuing to have one night stands with strangers, usually picking out someone of a different species.


    Trying to help Magtok destroy Cal's universe. So far without success. Also tried to keep Phoenix from returning to Reinholdt's side on Magtok's orders. Also without success.


    Still in the cabin with Cierra, with a blizzard keeping Wolfy-the-character from returning while Wolfy-the-player is without online access. The two women are drinking mulled wine and telling stories.


    Has opened up a shop Inside to do divinations. Johan the Nazi is his roommate.

    [Turtle Brightember]

    On Magtok's request, went to Knaves castle to rescue Elly, and against all odds, actually managed it, though both Elly and Turtle are pretty badly wounded.

    [Hannah Snow]

    Had a bit of a mental breakdown after trying to help Magtok without knowing why. Is currently zoned out on Liquid Agony.


    Got Magtok to change her into a catgirl, and then laid down in the snow with Butler's ghost and died. Is now in catperson heaven, which has a lot of boxes to sit in. All the ducks of Acro celebrate.
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