I sort of had a thought, recently...

I don't like the current Power Rating system we use in the Registry. I mean, I know that it isn't all that important of a thing, but I still ended up disliking it and thinking of possible alternatives.

So I came up with each. Instead of a Rating, a simple rank system. A character's estimated combat value is represented by a rank, which can be modified with either a prefix of a + sign or a - sign.

E Rank
: E Rank indicates combat ability equal to that of an untrained human adult of average capabilities. E- Rank is used to indicate capabilities below even that. E+ Rank might indicate either some combat training with average capabilities or above average capabilities with no combat training.

D Rank: D Rank encompasses normal developed human combat ability. This indicates that both combat skill and natural aptitudes and abilities are developed to be above the typical human norm. D- Rank has some overlap with E+ Rank and can be used for similar purposes. D+ Rank is used for the near end of what real life humans can do combat wise. D Rank represents a combat ability similar to an average human warrior or soldier.

C Rank: C Rank covers a range from human peak abilities to beyond human capacities. C- Rank can cover the "best of the best" of normal conventional human combat aptitudes, as well as minor paranormal abilities. C Rank covers capacities and magnitudes of combat ability not capable of being achieved by normal humans. Action movie heroes are well covered by these two ranks. C+ Rank covers somewhat more powerful characters in a similar vein.

B Rank: B Rank encompasses truly beyond human capabilities, being best suited for representing high level DnD style adventurers, low grade superheroes, and other beings with capabilities and power levels in a similar ball park.

A Rank: This rank covers big bads when authority equals ass-kicking, full fledged superheroes, epic or near epic level DnD characters, extremely powerful magical creatures, etc. A Ranks are really the upper range of what

S Rank: Gods, deities, and other characters were you might as well not bother. S Ranks really shouldn't be involved in fights unless it is against another S Rank.

I covered the lower ranks in more detail because I believe that range will receive more use and attention than the higher ranks, and also because it is easier to differentiate between different grades of power and rank in that range. The ranks that I did not cover or address, like B-, B+, A-, and A+ do exist.

A couple examples of each rank, to illustrate my point:

E-: Children, invalids, and other beings of low ability and skill. Misaki.
E: An ordinary human.
E+: A particularly beefy orc with no combat experience, or a normal man who does a little bit of martial arts in his spare time.
D-: Similar to E+. A fit man who has some minor combat training or combat experience, or a being of a race with abilities above the human norm, but with no combat training.
D: A normal soldier or warrior, physically fit and conditioned, with good training or experience.
D+: A veteran or elite soldier.
C-: A legendary soldier or commando, like a Delta Force or Spetsnaz soldier. Grigori Vanek. Magic users whose magic gives them good combat ability, but who are otherwise normal might also fall into this rank.
C: An action movie hero, or quite possibly a video game hero.
C+: Similar to C, but representing a slightly higher level of combat ability.
B: Comic Book Batman is probably B+, perhaps A-, if the memes are to be believed.
A: Calublufiok. Superman is either A+ or S.
S: A DnD style deity.


So, um... what do you all think? Is this bullhoneky? A good idea? Or is it addressing an issue that doesn't really matter and thus you don't really care?