Well, Dark Fiddler. Would you wish to help? You seem fairly active.

First things first:
Obviously, this game should be 3+ players, as one person will have to be a moderator of sorts, as he handles generating the numbers for combat and controlling wild animals and tribes and such as that. Other players start Sides, each starting with a Capital City, and maybe 1000 Schmuckers(well, this is only a guess. Maybe 500.). Each side can ally with Natural Allies(gobwins, marbits, elves)and can Tame(? something around this) Wild Animals and maybe pop them after. I guess you can also give schmuckers to the natural allies to pop themselves(as I think thats how it worked. IIRC. From the wiki). Maybe you should start with a King. Hmm.

Errr, anyone want to help with throwing around some ides?