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Thread: Erfworld game, a co-op perhaps?

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    Ah. Well there are play mats that a lot of hobby stores will sell. It goes for about ~$20 and is popular amongst roleplayers.

    It looks like this:

    It rolls-up rather nicely and the reverse side has a square-grid instead of a hexagonal one.

    There are also probably a lot of software floating about that wargamers and roleplayers use (typically for overworld movement).

    I don't really know a whole lot about the wargaming scene. But it seems like a great place to find ideas.

    Oh yes. As there are really only 4 classes(stabber, archer, piker, and knight(unless there are others. I remember axemen, crossbowmen, and there was one more that I don't recall, but maybe those were special Marbit units?)). Magic will be hard, as not alot is known, although we can just make some stuff up.
    Well, there are Heavies (e.g. various golems) and Siege units. Transylvito has bats, which double as free recon since their warlords are telepathically linked.

    The way I figure it, you can stat up "basic" units and have players come up with their fluff. The fluff doesn't affect stats.

    Then you should make the occasional side a wild curveball to keep things interesting. For example, a recent update explains that the Don has the best surveillance capabilities of any other king because of those bats.

    So while there are conventional strategies, a side might churn out a mystery-unit that throws a side for a loop.

    Jillian's initial reaction to the bats were that they were weak. Until Vinny explained how they worked, she was quite ready to underestimate their capabilities.

    It might be interesting to have two opposing sides (i.e. player teams) with wildly different tech trees.

    As for NPC's, I'm not just referring to natural allies but to casters, warlords and such which do not have players actively controlling them. Although I'm sure you could come up with a easy loyalty mechanism, my first instinct is to simply grok what I think is logical for a NPC would do rather than roll for their morale or loyalty or whatever.

    As for Erfworld canon, Faq and Transylvito seem like sides which are very air-oriented. Perhaps because they both live geographically in mountainous areas.
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