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    Update 27


    Has made a mask of various parts of Happy's head for Neon Knight's balding man to question. This grants access to memories stored by the corpse, but does not contact the actual spirit of Happy. Thus her ghost is completely unaware of it.

    [Happy Amakirr]

    After dragging Melody out of unconsciousness by having a yelling match with her telepathically, her ability to stay manifested by Melody's side was lost when Melody turned for comfort to Reinholdt.

    Happy is now back at GLoG weeping for her loss and growing more ghostly as time goes on.


    After a looooong day and evening (that lasted weeks of RL time) spent chatting with Cierra, suddenly everything happened at once. First Wolfy returned. Then Magtok arrived to question Cierra. Then the Elly who had gotten blasted by the Knaves Cannon crawled to the cabin, near death.

    Wolfbane decided the only way to save her was to turn her into a werebeast so she would have the ability to regenerate. Beast Elly managed to do a lot of damage to people before she was subdued and put in magical shackles.


    Accidentally enlisted the help of 12 year old half-fiend Arthur to locate her missing Daddy, Dr Fitzhenry. Though he finds her highly irritating, he is convinced he will get a huge reward if he reunites her and her father. Arthur discovered that Fitzhenry was kidnapped by Sylvester Sloop, and has arrived at his circus with the clockwork girl in tow to investigate.
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