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    Name: Yasuko Mikitashi
    Rank: Equivilant of Chuunin
    Classification: ~B class
    Age: 18
    Height: 5 7
    Weight: 114 lbs.
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: The Rooster Clan

    Yasuko is a young girl of light build. She has blue eyes and blond hair in two braids to just below her shoulders. She wears a white vest over a long sleeved, very light salmon shirt. Her pants are white as well and she wears wooden sandals most of the time. The right sleeve of her shirt is cut off above the elbow and her forearm is obscured by white wraps, which cover what appears to be an arm guard of some kind, down to her wrist. Both her hands are lightly wrapped as well.

    Personality: Somewhat over the top at times, she is generally well meaning, but definitely eccentric. She has a desire to learn and advance herself, as well as prove herself capable of the task she is in line for. Though she tends to be a bit hot headed, she is often light hearted and goofy.

    Abilities: She has no notable abilities outside of those gained through normal training. Though she does have an unusual reporte' with animals of all kinds, able to tame even the most raucous of beasts if given the time to talk with it. She is, however, extremely talented in the art of summoning, able to summon a wide range and number of ninja animal allies. She is also very knowledgeable about the various ninja villages she has visited and interacted with and has a notable knowledge base in most areas, both of ninja arts and general knowledge.

    Ninjutsu: She possess average abilities in most of the standard ninjustus, clones, disguises, ect...

    Taijutsu: Her abilities are generally above average when it comes to physical combat. She is skilled in the use of throwing stars and kunai, martial combat, and the like.

    Genjutsu: She is above average in her abilities with the basic genjutsu, especially in the area of avoid/escaping them.

    Chakra Control:
    She posses an extreme aptitude for chakra control, able to channel it efficiently so as to expend very little in the execution of most ninjutsus.

    Weapon Skills: [/B]Aside from the standard fair, her main weapon is a set of two long blades mounted in the arm guard on her right arm. When activated, the blade extend from the guard to roughly two feet in length. The blades are hard to detect when not extended and engage with considerable speed and force, making even their activation a potentially deadly event if down in proximity to her opponent.

    Contract: Her main skill, as to be expected, lies in her use of summoned chickens. Both in battle and out of, she relies greatly on her summons to aid her.

    Notable Techniques:

    Birds of a Feather Technique: Yasuko summons a large flock of chickens which scatter across the battle field. She then disguises herself as a hen, vanishing into the flock. She then "jumps" from hen to hen, reappearing from one of them to launch ranged attacks at her target before vanishing again.

    Hen Pecked Technique: Channeling large amounts of chakra, Yasuko summons many chickens at once, sending them to attack her opponent as a single flock, hitting with individually small, but collectively devastating attacks before vanishing again.

    Background: Yasuko is the heir in line to the House of the Rooster, one of the Twelve Clans that act as a symbolic liaison between the ninja world and the animal clans that are used by them through summoning techniques. Following a schism in the twelve houses during the last ninja war, the clans are scattered and broken, unable to serve their role properly anymore. Yasuko is currently traveling in order visit the major ninja villages to learn about the ninja that summon ninja animals, as well as hopefully locate and contact the lost houses to try to mend the tears caused during the great war.
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