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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tactics IV - The Enemy of Your Enemy is Still Your Enemy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squark View Post
    I'm curious- What exactly is bad about the space marine army in Assault on Black Reach?

    ...They're not bad, per se. Well, they are, actually. But, compared to the Orks, the Orks are just so much better.

    It's also a terrible start to a Space Marine army. Which is what you're trying to do, given that it is a starter set.

    Here's what you get;
    Chapter Master/Captain with Power Weapon and Bolter. As an HQ-level character with an impressive stat-line, he should be maximising his close combat potential.
    Considering the opposing Orks in AoBR, a decently equipped Captain or Chapter Master is kind of a must. He could at least have a Power Weapon and Storm Bolter. But, he doesn't.
    ...And as you begin to progress past AoBR levels of play, you will never, ever, use this model again. Because AoBR configurations are bad.

    Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Storm Bolter. Ew. Just...Ew. A Dreadnought has no business being anywhere near that close to Orks - unless it's a Furioso, which it isn't. A Multi-Melta is also one of the worst (if not the worst) options for a Dreadnought. I know that's what it comes with originally/for free, but, there's no reason that you shouldn't upgrade to...Anything. Keep in mind that you're playing against Orks, and that in the Codex an upgrade from Multi-Melta to a Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer is free...
    Let that sink in for a bit.

    Multi-Melta Dreadnoughts are bad with a capital TERRIBLE. Especially if they're walking Dreads - as opposed to a dropping Dreads, that is.
    ...Once you progress past AoBR levels of play, you will never use a single Dreadnought again (or you shouldn't, unless you're Drop Podding). Good news is; When you buy a second walking Dreadnought, you have more than enough parts to get rid of the Multi-Melta on your first Dreadnought.

    The Terminators are good. Probably the only decent SM unit in AoBR. Partly because the whole of AoBR only costs just a little bit more than a normal box of Terminators. Then again, Terminators come with so little options in the first place that it's kind of hard to get better than what comes in AoBR. They could do with an Assault Cannon though.

    10 Tactical Marines. Keep in mind that to even use the Missile Launcher, this has to all be one, single squad. Basically you end up with 1 HQ, 2 Elites and a single Troops choice. Yep. You can't even play a legal game with what you get in AoBR. Even if you could, you've only got one Troops unit (which is bad anyway), and you're playing with more Elites than Troops. Which most gamers that care about composition scores fairness (such as gamers in Australia) will cry foul at.

    Even in WHFB where a High Elf army includes more Special and Rare units (think Elite/Fast Attack and Heavy Support) than Core units (Troops), players still cry foul. Even though a High Elf army is designed and supposed to be played that way. One of the reasons why High Elves are one of the 'Auto-Cheese' armies. Come to think of it, Elves in general are kind of unfair in WHFB...

    Anyway, back to the tactical Marines. If you want to use them properly, you need to use Combat Squads, which I, personally am not a fan of except for with Scouts - who are more tactical than tactical Marines. If that happens; you've also got a five-man squad with a Flamer (I'm not a fan of Flamers either), that has to slog it up the board without a Razorback or Rhino. Not the best idea in the world.

    TL ; DR;
    The SMs are poorly equipped. Are an illegal army as-is. And are a poor start to an army in the first place.

    Made especially bad in comparison to the Orks;
    1 properly equipped HQ character model.
    A Nobz Mob (not optimised, but still plenty good), which count as Troops.
    A giant Slugga Boyz Mob equipped exactly how people want them - or two smaller ones which do fairly well anyway.
    3 Rokkits on Deffkoptas (which should pwn the Dreadnought every time)

    The Orks are the exact opposite of the SMs. Decently equipped (the Nobz could be better, but that's my only complaint on that score), are a legal army as-is (1 HQ, 2/3 Troops, 1 Fast Attack) and, is pretty much what most people not buying AoBR will get in the first place when starting Orks (i.e; It's what people actually will use without any changes).

    *Included a link to this post in the OP Guide.*
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