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And I think Arkentools will be in, but the mod can make them and stuff. havent thought about them much.

I am not sure about Caster Links.

Have NO IDEA about loyalty. Needs to be simple.
As for the former, what I was suggesting is that they are plot hooks.

You weave in a narrative using those plot hooks. Attunement to the Tools are interpreted as a divine mandate to rule. The caster linkups are a kind of Chekov's Gun (i.e. the communication system set up by Stanley was one of the rare instances of brilliance on his part and Parson picked up on it) and are used to show how awesome Parson is in an Ender's Game sort of way.

It doesn't have to be Arkentools. It can be an ancient repository that allows a side that captures it to pop casters. Or a tower that leads to the heavens. Or tablet with prophecies written on it. Or a mysterious magical rift in reality. Make up whatever motivates the story.

As for Loyalty, I still like my way and I won't beat a dead horse.