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Thread: Erfworld game, a co-op perhaps?

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    Un-led, un-stacked infantry should be bad against heavies.

    Maybe a +1 or so for attacking, but the way it was you needed to be overwhelmingly more powerful just to be able to stabd a chance to defend, and if that was the case you could then obliterate the enemy when it came to your turn, meaning that whoever goes first in an even match (which in a balanced game should happen moderately often) wins straight out.

    There probably needs to be a slight advantage to attacking just to discourage stalemates.

    Also, an idea. Perhaps there should be ratio of kills: losses depending on the margin of victory, to avoid lucky steamrollering. e.g: You win combat-defense roll off by one, meaning that there is a 3:2 ratio of your kills to your losses then if you win by 2 it's 2:1 then 4:1 etc. up to say a margin of 5 where you take no losses. (numbers subject to change)
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