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marbits will be bad against anything.
No they'll be about even with other infantry, just slightly weaker (not sure why you've done that, they've always appeared to be roughly equal to Gobwins)

Using the ratio method, but extending it both ways (both above and below the opponent's score) infantry could bring down heavies by attrition.

Lets say some basic un-stacked gobwin(s) attack a Gump. Combat 2 (+1 for attacking lets say) against a Defense of 5. The Gump has just over a 50% chance of winning automatically and will on average win by 3, this makes it a 4:1 kill:hurt ratio for the gump (or a 1:4 ratio for the Gobwin). That would mean that you would need a lot of Gobwins attacking individually to kill it, but it would eventually die (maybe faster, maybe slower). And that's a lot of individual Gobwins, without a stack bonus, which is how gobwins are always going to be.

Lets say you stack up all 11 Gobwins you can afford for the cost of a gump, with a +8 stack bonus they're gonna win like every time, so obviously the system needs work, but I think it could work. I'm not exactly sure how to work the ratio in properly though, as you'll end up with really high numbers for small combats, but ones that are far too small for big combats. Could be the ratio times the number of units in the winning stack? Dunno.