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    Default Re: The Age of the Warriors - a ToB expansion book idea

    Here's a categorization of the disciplines. It still has an "other" category but it isn't huge. Thanks to everyone who filled in bits of the spreadsheet.

    With this to look at, I start to wonder if a few disciplines should be merged. I should probably look at them more carefully before actually proposing it.

    Mental State, Alignment or Aligned Plane
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Silver Crane|ErrantX|Good|Spot|longsword, longspear, scimitar, light pick, halberd, and two bladed sword|anyone, with help of a good outsider
    Far Realm|Jack Mann|Madness, distortion of time and space|Knowledge (the planes)|armor spikes, blade boot, dire flail, flail, heavy flail, spiked chain, spiked gauntlet, spiked shield, and tentacle.|
    Ninefold Damnation|PairO' Dice|Nine Hells|Intimidate|glaive, whip, spiked chain, and claw|
    Infinite Torment|PairO' Dice|Abyss|Intimidate|longsword, whip, spiked chain, and claw|
    Dread Crown|Demented One|Mixed Fiends|Intimidate|bastard sword, battleaxe, claw, falchion, greatsword, and scythe|evil crusaders and warblades
    Golden Saint|Demented One|Non-Lethal, anti-Evil|Diplomacy|dagger, longspear, longsword, sap, short sword, and unarmed strike|good crusaders and swordsages
    Falling Anvil|DracoDei|Slapstick Comedy |Bluff|All improvised weapons*, bundle of dynamite, club, cannon (American Civil War era), catapult, cosh (one-handed version of the sap), great club, Maul (AKA Giant Mallet), spherical bomb, stick of dynamite, trebuchet (maybe?), sap, , and unarmed Strike|Non-Lawful Only, Must be capable of great silliness on the field of battle. See second sheet for which base classes DracoDei thinks could fit.
    Quicksilver Aegis|Krimm|Law/Mechanus|Balance|greatmace, greatsword, heavy mace, longsword, and maul|Crusaders, Soul Disciples, and Swordsages of a lawful alignment
    black heron|errantx|demonic possession, maximized damage|Intimidate|bastard sword, glaive, greataxe, greatsword, heavy mace, and warhammer|requirement: being possessed by a demonic force
    Kaleidoscopic Dream|Demented One|Limbo/Chaos|Tumble|blade knuckles, falchion, gutter-sword, halberd, and scimitar|Crusaders, Soul Disciples, and Swordsages who appreciate chaos
    Outside Power Source
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Bladed Thoughts|Yue Ryong|Psionics, boosting physical attacks|Autohypnosis|Soul Weapons|The Heart Shaper
    Mental Grip|DaTedinator|Psionics, especially telekinesis|autohypnosis|Unarmed Strike, Dagger, Light Hammer, Sai, Handaxe, Scimitar.|psionic swordsages
    Sleeping Goddess|The demented one|Strike at Mind, not Body. Psionics|Autohypnosis|bastard sword, quarterstaff, short sword, shortspear, and unarmed strike. Plus any created by one of its maneuvers.|Swordsages with a psionic power reserve
    Narrow Bridge|JoshuaZ|Necromancy, balance between life and death|Knowledge (Religion)|bastard sword, battleaxe, greataxe, scythe, unarmed strike, and whip.|
    The Discipline of the Lost Lyrics|Kellus|Bardic|Perform (oratory) or Perform (sing)|rapier, longsword, longspear, and short sword|
    Solaris Arcanum|Golden Esque|Blend of sword and spells. |Spellcraft|dagger, longsword, the rapier, and the shortsword,|Can only learn if the character has access to at least some magical knowledge. For example, character can be a multiclass Sorcerer or have spell-like abilities.
    Untamed Essence|Vox Clamantis|Enhance weapon with Ki, Defend against magic, travel magically|Spellcraft|((Needs to be defined))|Casting NOT required, but popular among spellswords and Jade Phoenix Mages
    Witch Razor|pyrefiend|Blend of warlock techniques and swordplay|Spellcraft|shortsword, dagger, rapier, butterfly sword and sai|swordsages
    Holy Word Discipline|Fax Celestis||Truespeak|librum, warbell, heavy warbell, quarterstaff, and heavy shield|Crusader
    Energy Damage
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Frozen Zephyr / Acidic Fog / Shocking Sky|Krimm Blackleaf||Balance/Escape Artist/Intimidate|Same as Desert Wind?|Any with access to Desert Wind
    Glacial Chill|I_got_this_name|cold, slow, debuffs, endurance|Survival|greataxe, battle axe, light and heavy pick, and warhammer|Swordsages and Warblades.
    Placid Lake|Yue Ryong |slow movement, cold, debuffs|Move Silently|Unarmed Strike, Natural Weapons, Scimitars, Sickles, Scythes|Swordsages
    Rending Scream|I_got_this_name|sonic damage and mental effects|Intimidate|claw, greataxe, maul unarmed Strike, shield bash, and slam|Warblades
    Specific Weapon(s)
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Steel Mountain|Nero24200|Active Shield Use|balance|Heavy Shields, Small Shields, Shield Spikes|crusaders and warblades
    Chthonic Serpent|DragoonWraith|Flexing Weapons, Constriction|Use Rope|Dire Flail, Flail, Flindbar(MM3), Heavy Flail, Kusari-Gama(DMG), Spiked Chain, Tentacle, and Whip|Swordsages and Warblades
    Fool's Grip|Demented One|Improvised Weapons|Tumble|All Improvised|Infiltrators and Non-organized?
    Mystic Cobra|Shyftir|Pole-arms|Balance|naginata (glaive), guisarme, halberd, ransuer, spear and long-spear |Sohei Adepts, Leap Dragoons, probably warblades, ???
    Monkey Paw|playswithfire|Grappling|Escape Artist|unarmed strike, claw, scorpion claws, mancatcher and grapple|swordsages
    Piercing Point| Frog Dragon|Spears|Balance|Spear, Longspear, Halberd, Ranseur, Guisarme, Glaive.|Warblades

    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Iron Rain|dspeyer (compiler)|Rapid Archery|Spot|Bows, Throwing Knives, Javelins|Crusaders and Warblades
    Falcon's Eye|dspeyer (compiler)|Precision Archery|Search|Bows, Crossbows, Rays|Swordsages and Warblades
    Nightingale Feather|dspeyer (compiler)|Mystic Archery|Spot|Bows, Slings, Shurukin|Swordsages
    Black Rain|Demented One|Firearms|Spot|firearms, as well as the concussion blaster, death ray, firewand and wandgun|
    Falling Star|Fax|Deprecated archery|Spot|longbow, composite longbow, shortbow, composite shortbow, greatbow, and composite greatbow|
    True Arrow|I_got_this_name|Deprecated archery|Spot|light and heavy crossbow, longbow, shortbow, and javelin|

    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Falling Wave|I_got_this_name|Aquatic Combat|Swim|bite, claw, dagger, net, and trident|swordsages
    Ocean Tempest|PairO' Dice|Move like a Wave|Swim|khopesh, the trident, the whip, the spiked chain, and the flail|Swordsages
    Ocean Soul|Fax Celestis||Swim|harpoon, net, trident, and punching dagger|Swordsages
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Oncoming Storm|The demented one|blinding speed and masterful misdirection|Sleight of Hand|dagger, handaxe, light pick, rapier, sai, and shortsword|Swordsages and Warblades
    Leaping Gale|I_got_this_name|speed and air|Jump|whip, spiked chain, longsword, longspear, spear, and shortspear|Swordsages
    Gentle Breeze|Closet Skeleton|speed, air|listen|Katana, Scimitar, War-fan and unarmed strike|Swordsages and Warblades
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Silver Pegasus|I_got_this_name|mounted|Ride|lance, longsword, heavy mace, and bastard sword|Warblades and Crusaders
    Twin Spirit|demented one|Mounted Combat|Ride|lance, longsword, and scimitar|Crusaders and Swordsages
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Viper Fang|I_got_this_name|poison and precision|Heal|dagger, punching dagger, short sword, and rapier|swordsages
    Black Lotus|Zakaroth|stealth, poison, trickery|Sleight of Hand|dagger (any type), ninja-to and short sword|Sublime Assassin
    Very Supernatural
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Coin's Edge|Demented One|Luck|Profession (Gambler)|dagger, falchion, longsword, rapier, scimitar, and two-bladed sword|swordsage
    Masked Moon|I_got_this_name|shapeshifting|Disguise|natural weapons, unarmed strike, punching dagger, spiked gauntlet, armor spikes, sickle, and handaxe|Swordsages and Warblades
    {table]Name|Author|Concept|Skill|Weapons|Who Qualifies
    Army of One|The demented one|fight against vastly greater numbers|Intimidate|battleaxe, dueling shield, glaive, greatsword, longsword, and spear|Crusaders and Warblades
    Blood Sage|pyrefiend|precision damage and healing|heal|dagger, sickle, war-scalpel, kama|swordsages and warblade
    Broken Blade|JoshuaZ|Beat other martial adepts|Martial Lore|Scimitar, Falchion, Rapier, Bastard Sword, Longsword, Short Sword, Unarmed Strike, Greatsword, Dagger. Additionally, if you know a maneuver from any discipline you may treat any weapon from that discipline that you are proficient in as being associated to the Broken Blade.|Crusader, Swordsage, Warblade, Masters of Nine, True Masters of Nine, ???
    Dancing Leaf|The demented one|Counters and Defense|Escape Artist|longspear, longsword, quarterstaff, scythe, and whip.|Swordsages and Warblades
    Knowing Heart|DSpeyer|Nonlethal Techniques|heal|sap, net, bolas, quarterstaff|swordsages (alternate rule: anyone with setting sun and shadow hand)
    Scarlet Bravura|Demented One|Selfless Leadership|Perform (Oratory)|bastard sword, greatsword, lance, rapier, and spiked shield|Crusaders and Warblades who are Leaders
    Scarlet Rose|Nero24200|Graceful Two-Weapon Fighting|Perform (Dance)|Dagger, Longsword, Quarterstaff, Rapier, Shortsword|Swordsages and Warblades
    Way of the Gear|Imp_Fireball|Gears of War|Concentration|((Not defined))|Warblade and Crusader[/table]

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    Edit: added Bladed Thoughts and Monkey Paw
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