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    To be updated with racial variants, feats, etc.

    Skill Syngeries:

    Unleash Beast : If you have 5 or more ranks in Unleash Beast, you gain a +2 to Survival and Intimidate checks.


    Extra Beast Ability [Inner Beast]
    Prerequisite: 3rd level beast warrior
    Benefit: You may gain an extra Beast Ability, up to one level lower than the highest you could choose.
    Special: this feat may be taken multiple times, each time gaining a new Beast Ability

    Extra Beast Points [Inner Beast]
    Benefit: You gain Beast Points equal to you Constitution modifier.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. The effects stack.

    Improved Spending Ability [Inner Beast]
    Prerequisite:Constitution 15, 1st level beast warrior
    Benefit: You may spend up to 1 more Beast Point per round than is listed for your level.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. The effects stack.

    A beast warrior may also qualify for the following Monstrous (and other) feats (among others):

    Beast Strike

    Improved Natural Armor (stacks with all other natual armor gained from this class)

    Improved Natural Attack (stacks with the Natural Weapon Beast Ability)


    Improved Multiattack

    Prehensile Tail (Savage Species)(prerequisite tail slam attack)
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