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    There are others who will hammer through the Beast Powers one by one and give you a strong understanding of balance (Milskadith and Thrice Dead Cat both come to mind as good reviewers, as are DracoDei and Temotei22), but that's not my best talent honestly.

    However, I thought it might be nice to mention that this is a solid concept. It took me a moment to grok the class, but the idea of points+skill checks=special powers seems reasonable. My guess is that you saw the Psy War, and the Control Shape skill, and combined them into a superteam?

    I do have a few nitpickish things to ask though:
    1. Do Adaptive/Combative do anything else? If so, perhaps giving them proper full skill rundowns might be in order.
    2. The Natural Weapons are a nice touch (tentacles lol), but rather than instant action, it should probably be immediate action, as that actually means something in D&D and is likely your intent.
    3. I think the Beast Powers table needs clarification. It took me a moment to catch that it doesn't follow normal levels (1-->4-->7, etc). Perhaps expanding it to a full 20 levels, just for ease of use, might be in order.

    From the skimming I did of it, the class appears alright, though I do question only simple weapons/light armor and d8 HD for a class that is pretty clearly on the front lines. Also, why 3/4 BAB?
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