I do state that they'd likely fit the scout/skirmisher role, but could do the front line (with the right Beast Abilities).

I was wondering about the lower damage output. They do have the option of having two attacks per round at 1st level -- either two claws/tentacles, or a weapon and a secondary bite/slam/gore. They also get the option to take Venom at 1st level. Or an Animal Companion (yes, the BW himself won't do more damage, but it does add extra damage). Also, at 4th level, the BW can increase the damage die of their natural weapon (2 - 1d4 claws become 1d6, or that secondary bite 1d8), or gain another.

If I recall correctly, the BW gets Pounce before the PW (by a level or two, anyway).

I'm still not sure if I want to increase the BAB, but I'll keep thinking about it.