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    Damn. Totally missed they get two each level. I figured they got one. Huh. They'll actually probably run out of stuff to take in that case.

    Damage concern: yes, even with full Str bonus, they aren't dealing that much. I mean, most builds capitalize on damage by adding more modifiers, either through more dice or more pluses on the roll. Chargers use Power Attack multipliers. Rogues/Scouts use precision damage. The Beast Warrior has neither, which is my concern. Some sort of Skirmish-like progression might be in order, or the ability to spend a Beast Point to make a Combative check and add damage based on that roll.

    Actually, there's an idea for a Beast Power:

    Level 1 Beast Power
    Ferocity 1 (Ex): As a swift action, the Beast Warrior may spend a Beast Point and make a Combative check. For each 5 points the roll exceeds 5 by, the Beast Warrior may add +1 damage to all melee attacks he makes this round. For each 2 extra Beast Points he spends, increase the result of the roll by 5.

    Level 5 Beast Power:
    Ferocity 2 (Ex): As Ferocity 1 (and requires it), but instead he adds +2 damage.

    Level 10 Beast Power:
    Ferocity 3 (Ex): As Ferocity 2, but instead he adds +1d4 damage.

    Level 15 Beast Power:
    Ferocity 4 (Ex): As Ferocity 3, but instead he adds +1d8 damage.

    Level 20 Beast Power:
    Ultimate Ferocity (Ex): As Ferocity 4, but instead he adds +1d12 damage.

    Note that at higher levels, he'll basically one-hit everything he can get his hands on. Then again, at level 20, he should basically be the incarnation of the animal world's fury and power, so that's pretty reasonable. Besides, most level 20 characters worth their salt should eat anything alive.

    Other possible attack-themed Beast Powers could be the ability to grow ranged weapons (spines or quills) and similar inspirations from the natural world.

    EDIT: Saw DracoDei's post. What that says to me is "wow, this is a great dip class, not a full on "I want to take this to 20" class. He's right too, it IS an amazing dip class currently. That's not a good thing in my eyes though. I really do like it, even though I'm kinda ripping into it. The combo of points and skill checks makes it appealing, since I rarely see such a thing.
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