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No medium armor? Hide is out of the picture?
I guess, since two of you mentioned it, I might reconsider and allow Hide, but no other medium armors.

The animal companion ability should specify that it levels as a druid's companion as well.
It does.

Arctic/Desert adaptation--I think when you were outlining energy resistance, you meant to say fire, not heat/flame.
Oops. Fixed, thanks.

Does catfall stack with Tumble's ability to reduce falling damage (I imagine it does)?

Climb like a monkey (and the others) is an extraordinary ability. I see nothing supernatural about it.
I had them as both, since they could be boosted, but I've now changed it to just Ex.

Discern north has limited uses, but it's an option. I'd recommend adding something after, "This ability lasts 24 hours, and is always active." I would say, "This ability lasts 24 hours, and is constantly active during that time, regardless of antimagic effects (such as an antimagic field).
Added, thanks.

Healthy as a horse is mostly weak, but I suppose if you didn't have anything else to pick...
Serpent blooded is less useful than the disease resistance one, but I suppose if your DM uses a lot of enemies that spit poison or something, it could help.
What would you suggest as a bonus number? Or is it just that disease and poison aren't often used?

Natural armor is cool.

Quiet as a mouse, I imagine, is supposed to say Move Silently, not Sneak.

Venom is odd, because it uses Wisdom for its saving throw. Usually, it's Constitution that governs it. Why a beast warrior wouldn't spend two beast points for 2d8 Con damage is beyond me, but whatever. Maybe you should say it costs two extra beast points for +10 on those checks.
I used Wisdom since it determines their skill with the Beast Abilities. And I would imagine that when a BW reaches 5th level (when they can spend 2 BP per round) that they would do so. But they do still have a limited pool to draw from. Also, I am trying to keep things relatively consistant to +1 BP = +10 to checks.

Rapid metabolism is a good ability. Nice little thing to have there. The name could use a bit of a revision though.
Thanks, and done.

The 3rd level abilities look fine.

Animal affinity is cool, but at later levels, it'll start to lose its appeal. Maybe you could change the bonus type to competence or insight or something.
Changed to insight for now...

Ferocity is cool. Can you keep using it over and over again?
As it is written right now, only offensive actions are allowed, so I'd probably have to say no. At this point, at least. I may have to add a feat or ability that allows them to spend extra points to continue an ability that is currently active.

Natural weapon is a nice ability to pick.
I thought they should be able to get one hell of alot better with their natural attacks.

Pounce is a must-have.
Probably, yeah.

Speak with animals is...eh. Flavorful.
I will admit that I did add some abilities purely for flavor, with limited usefulness expected.

Close wounds would be fine as an extraordinary ability. I also think it would be fine to just give fast healing.
I've thought about adding that they could spend BP to gain fast healing. I may have to add that.

6th level is okay.

Aquatic adaptation could probably be extraordinary.

It's ability scores, not ability stats. You said the latter in beast form I.

Circle the herd ...(snip)
Thanks, and fixed.

(snip)...larger than life...(snip)
Is it worded better now?

Rend is fine.

Spines is cool, although I would rule that the spines can grow through hide armor.
I took the wording from a potion in the MIC that grew spines...

Holy crap. Sprint can be ...(snip)
Yeah, it's supposed to be fast. I'll change it to: [i]x10 (when charging, x13 when using the run full-round action, x14 with the Run feat).

Wolfpack tactics is considerable weaker than circle the herd. I'd say give +4 to already flanking allies, and +2 to not-flanking. Then make it 2 beast points to give all allies an attack of opportunity against the enemy, or make circle the herd take 4 to give that, if you want them to be balanced to each other. You should.
Mostly fixed. For consistancy issues, all 7th level powers cost 2 BP (I hadn't fixed that in the last draft for these powers). So I really can't make Wolfpack Tactics cost less. What else could be done to balance them?

Extra natural attack is a must if you're going with strengthening your natural attacks (you will if you take this class).

Blindsense already has a radius... Blindsight already has a radius.
Oops. I guess I was operating on the assumption that it was directional. Fixed.

[quote[Flight is always good to have, but this might be coming a bit late. Consider moving flight down to a lower level (say, level 7 or 10...a little after the wizard/sorcerer get fly, since flight is potentially more powerful).[/quote]
Moved to 7th level. Also added that Sprint may be used with Flight.

Improved extra natural attack should require extra natural attack.
Don't know how I missed that... fixed.

I think you should provide at least three level 20 abilities to choose from. That way, you can't get all the most powerful abilities of the class, and it makes customization more viable. The class, right now, is railroading players into going a full natural attack route. Maybe you could provide aspects of nature's creatures as choices. Ferocity could be the current level 20 ability. Repose (or something) could be automatic stabilization when dying, in addition to slow healing. It could also improve on the fast healing granted by the previous close wounds.
You're right, it does lean that way. I'll have to consider things. Maybe I will add the Fast Healing, or something.

Also consider changing the skills per level to 4 + Int mod.
I did the 6+ route since they have to spend skills on Adaptive and Combative (to make them usable), and I wanted them to still have skill points left for other skills.

Thanks alot for the review, Temotei.