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Okay, time to dissect this puppy... er, frog, whatever, you get the idea

Inspiration looks nice. I'm getting ahead of myself, but it reminds me of something else a friend of mine worked on a while ago. It also looks not unlike Incarnum.

As for the intended power level, Psychic Warrior is usually a good place to aim, assuming you agree with one of the tier systems out there like myself.

This all looks in order. Reminds ne somewhat like the Totemist, which isn't a bad thing, mind.
I did get some inspiration from the Totemist and Incarnum. I had originally done some planning for an Incarnum version, but didn't like where it was heading, so I shifted gears.
HD seem fine. The class gets more from a higher Con, so that means anyone who wants to go RAWR-blender probably can without too much issue.

No alignment restrictions also make me happy, as they're generally a little odd to see on a base class. Personal opinion, sure, but that's neither here nor there.
Good to both, and I am of the same opinion.

That is one jumbo-sized skill list. Balance, Climb, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, K: Nature+Geography, Listen, Sneak (Note: I believe you mean Move Silently, although, I do know that MS and Hide get merged into Sneak in things like Pathfinder.), Ride, Spot, Survival, and Swim are pretty much all easily justified.

Craft, Profession, and Search less so, but, if you're unsure as to whether it should be 4+ or 6+, I personally feel it better to go for the higher value. The list seems a little bloated for 4+, but if looks like Adaptive and Combative are both needed, then it makes sense to go for 6+.
Oops. I need to fix that Sneak thing, and add MS in there too. And yes, Adaptive and Combative are both needed (if you want to get the most out of your Beast Abilities) -- that was why I went with 6+.

Side-note on the new skills: You mentioned that the inspiration for the class was Lycanothropy. If that is the case, why not condense Adaptive and Combative down into Control Shape? All three skills are Wisdom-based and I believe there may be a PrC or two that requires Control Shape, so creating another adaptation for such would be nice.
One of the inspirations was lycanthropy, but the beast warrior is so much more in control of his abilities. And my lycanthrope inspirations were largely from Patricia Briggs novels and other such works. I did buy Curse of the Moon (Sean K. Reynolds) as I worked up the class, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for either.

This all looks in order. The wording looks good on on natural weapons proficiency, although it may not be needed by RAW, but I am not entirely sure. The armor looks fine, but I kind of like the idea of beast men in something heavier than an leather vest.
I wasn't sure if RAW would have them proficient or not, so I covered my bases. And I'm coming around to the Hide armor side of the argument.

This looks like Incarnum+spellcasting. Of course, so do some psionics, but, eh, there are a lot of similarities in design. Not a bad thing.
Just wait until I finish and post my skill-based spellcasting rules...

You may want to change the wording on Low Light Vision. (snip)
the x3 thing was my intent. I just assumed that it would be understood, but it does sound confusing now. I'll fix it, thanks.

"Immediate action on your turn" usually is just a swift action. Although, technically, as is, a Beast Warrior could activate something like a Belt of Battle and still "grow" their natural weapon(s) of choice in one round. I'm not sure if that was intended or not.
Looking back at Claws of the Beast, I see that it is a swift action. I'll have to change that as well. Thanks.

You forgot to list whether this attacks are primary, secondary, or whichever you may want them to be, depending. Most of these also need strength modifiers associated with them. There's a usual set-up for these, but there are exceptions. Off-hand, I believe claws and tentacles would be at +Str as primaries, +1/2 Str as secondaries. The rest would probably be +1.5xStr as primaries and either +Str or +.5xStr, depending. You should also say how these interact for characters who already have natural attack X. If something with claws chooses to manifest claws, I'd assume the claws would go up a damage-size, but that's only slightly implied.
The initial natural weapon is their primary natural attack (I thought it said that). If they wish to use a normal weapon, then it can be secondary to that (just like all natural weapons). Thanks for the reminder about Strength modifiers. I'll need to add those, too. And I already added clarification that you increase the damage die if you choose a natural weapon you already have.

(snip) An easy solution would be to offer special abilities for certain choices.

Of the two sets that I listed, claws and the bite feel like the "standard" of their respective group. I'd probably give bite a higher Str multiplier than gore and slap, but that's the only real idea I have for it, and it isn't really much of one. I also have nothing for claws as of now.

However, the rest should be easy. Tentacles should have reach (either +5 ft. or maybe more like a spiked chain's reach, depending on if you think it should improve more with size increases or not. I'd go with the latter, personally). Gore would probably be some bonuses for charging, either bonus damage or simply double the strength bonus to damage for that attack). Slap could be something similar to bite or you may offer someone who chooses to get a (tail) slap to use items in it, but maybe at a penalty. Prehensile Tail (I want to say Serpent Kingdoms, but it maybe Savage Species) may help with that.
Good ideas, all. I'll have to work on some of that.

Something else I just thought about on the natural attacks: you may wish to clarify that, each time the ability is used, the person gets to choose which natural attack to gain. You may also want to add a line along the following: "As a swfit/immediate (whichever you choose it to be) action, a Beast Warrior may switch his choose among these natural attacks." Also, I do not see an action listed for dismissing the ability.
Each time they manifest the ability, they can manifest any or all of the natural weapons they have (even claws, bite, slam, tentacle, and gore all at the same time, if they have them all). Once a natural attack is chosen, it is permanent, and cannot be changed. And thanks for the reminder about dismissing them. I'll have to add that, too.