Rumor places the Europe (And I guess US as well since Australia has the same release date) release at February fifth.
Well, I'm German. Rumor has it it's already out . Did Finnland get the Eastern European/Russian release?

I'm trying to remember if there was a "B29" mentioned in one of the other games; I doubt it, but something tells me it's going to be in Pripyat.
Aaand Surly Seraph is teh winnah. How could you ever guess that?

What's that big helmet in your inventory?
Depends on what helmet you mean? The helmet I'm wearing is just your standard army helmet (with added gadgets of course) and the white scary mask (seriously, look at the EYES!) is your standard gas mask, with some extras. Helmet for combat, gas mask for Zone hazards. The big orange thing is the skull of a chimera, from which I drink.