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    Update 28


    At AuxCave tending to hurt Rugtok children.


    Still without a body. Helping Magtok with logistics. Is unaware that it has been replaced at GLoG with a new mainframe computer.


    At the Hacienda, painting a place where Misaki and the others can go and live happily before their existence ends.

    [[Charity plot clone]]

    Met the demon hunter Tyril. After learning about Maelstrus and that he corrupts and enslaves women, she agreed to act as bait to try and lure him out. Unfortunately, she was caught in the act of calling Tyril, and Maelstrus put a demonifying amulet on her and carried her off. While other people are either attacking or defending Maelstrus at Trog's second floor, Charity has crawled into a closet to hide, where she is sleeping through her own hideous transformation.

    [Ghost of Happy]

    Became aware that its body was decapitated, which resulted in the ghost becoming decapitated as well. The body followed Magtok to try and recover its head. The ghost head... well, heads aren't really meant to exist without bodies. After getting used in a game of ghost volleyball, it started haunting Reinholdt and accusing him of murder.

    [[Fitzhenry and Molly]]

    Still held captive at the SSSF.
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