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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklord Bright View Post
    I don't see why it's "difficult to care" about a cast of realistic and well-written characters, Q.
    It's difficult to care (or at least, by me, because I'm apperently a moron who enjoys nothing but copy-pasted one-note characters who scream out the goodness or evilness of their side 24-seven and wear either white robes or black armour and that storylines can't be too well written or they'll make my brain hurt and I think anything that even remotely represents real intentions of realistic people is terrible writing because the only book I've ever read in my entire life is a Sonic The Hedgehog comic book with crayon drawings all over it) because the sides in a TOTALLY PERFECT "grey and gray" story, one in which both sides get equal coverage in the story, they're both the same.

    What I mean to say is, do I read A story to see the evil, genociding, humans defeat the evil, child-raping, village pillaging, human enslaving aliens? Or visa versa? Do a read a story about the great, orphan helping, charity-donating angels take on the other great, orphan helping, charity-donating angels? See, what I'm trying to say is that I find when both sides are exactly the same level, I don't care about the outcome of it. Do I worry about how Cindy the orphan is going to die if she loses the fight between Mike the orphan who will also die if he loses.

    Wow, these are pretty weird examples.

    But it has nothing to do with how well-written and how well-rounded the characters might be. What matters is that one side is one that we want to see come out victorious, and are willing to read long walls of text to see if they do!

    Now, if it was "grey against DARKER grey" then we have a greater good to route for. Both sides can have some good intentions and be interesting and all that, but one still needs to be better then the other, otherwise we (or perhaps, just me) don't really pick a side and therefore have no interest in seeing which wins and reading to find out.

    Personally, a story where, say, a murdering criminal needs to step up and take out a super-villain before they commit massive genocide sounds like a pretty friggen awesome story.

    I liked the show Dexter, if that helps anybody understand what the heck I'm talking about. He's a serial killer, but still is a lovable character who we know is better then the other serial killers he kills.

    All of that explaination aside, and the reason I didn't give any particular examples from THIS fancomic is because I'm not reading it too closely and am trying to avoid a research failure. I, in absolutely no way at all, DISLIKE this comic or it's premise. I was simply stating an opinion about ALL perfect "grey and gray" stories as a general rule and what I like more in a story. I think I will stop commenting now, because there is absolutely no need to complain about things you don't like when everybody else clearly does like this. It's trolling, and I am not trying to do that and will not even do anything close to it anymore. Everybody, please enjoy the story.

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    Edit: Wow, that star wars comment came off a lot more condescending that I intended it. Sorry.
    Apology accepted.
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